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How to Apply Concrete Dye

How to Apply Concrete Dye

Applying concrete dye is a great way to add color and character to your concrete project.
There are a few essential steps to follow when using concrete dye to ensure the best results.
First, it’s important to mix the dye with the appropriate amount of acetone properly.

Once the dye is mixed, it can be added to the concrete mixer and distributed for about 15 minutes at maximum mixing speed or 130 mixer revolutions.

After mixing the dye, the concrete can be poured into the desired forms. Following these steps can achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors for your concrete project.

Concrete dyes and stains have made all this possible.
However, you should note that dyeing concrete floors is pretty different from staining them.
With dye application, no chemical processes are involved.
Dyes are available as dry pigments or in liquid form.
Applying paint on concrete floors is a simple process you can do independently.
Here is how to go about it.

Choosing Your Concrete Dye Surface

First, you should have an unfinished concrete surface.
Any finish on your concrete surface, be it paint, dyes, or sealants, should be removed through grinding.
This allows the stain to penetrate the pores of the concrete and stick to it.

If you are working with newly poured concrete, then you don’t have to do any form of grinding.
The surface is ready as it is.
If you are not sure about the type of finish on your floor, you should do a water test.

If it beads on the floor, you need to do some form of grinding.
You can rent a grinder for as low as $100 from your local home improvement store.

Concrete Floor With Dye

Cleaning The Floor

If you want the dye to penetrate, adhere to the concrete surface, and produce the best results, you should ensure your floor is sparkling clean.

You can use hot water mixed with laundry detergents to mop the floor.
Proceed to scrub them using a scrub brush. The cleaning method used depends on various factors.

For example, if you have pets in your house, you should use laundry detergent pods since they are pet-friendly.
Be very cautious when using strong chemical cleaners.

Although they do a perfect cleaning job, they might damage the concrete, clothes, baseboards, and skin.

Ensure you follow the directions as specified by the manufacturer.

When your floors are clean, they should not have any noticeable dirt or dust.

Cleaning and Etching

Once you have cleaned the floor and secured the necessary materials, it is time to start the procedure.

First, use the Behr Cleaner & Etcher to prepare your floors further. The product reacts chemically with the concrete, opening up the porous surface while allowing the dye to soak in.

The dilution and application procedure entirely depends on the nature of your surface.
After diluting it, apply it directly to the floor using a mop.

After the application, wait for around 15 minutes and then scrub the surface using a scrub brush.

Rinse the floor surface again to remove the remaining chemicals.
The floor should feel like sandpaper when you are done.

Dying Floors

You will mix the concrete dye-like paint depending on your color preferences.
You can also use two different color dyes to achieve an exciting look.
After applying the dye, wait at least 2 hours before applying the second coat.

However, if your home is humid, the dye might not dry within those two hours, and you might have to wait for a more extended period.
You can even wait until the following day.
Then, when the floor is dry enough, apply the second coat, just as you used the first one.

Applying to The Sealer

After applying the second coat, you should wait at least 24 hours or longer to allow complete drying before applying the sealer.
Then, use a low-luster sealer and apply it in thin coats.
This is done using paint rollers. The sealer appears milky.
However, it seems clear when completely dry.

Wait for at least 4 hours before applying the second sealer coat.
You should use at least four coats for excellent protection and luster.
Ensure your room is adequately ventilated since the sealer has a strong smell.
Leave the doors and windows and ensure the ceiling fan runs for adequate ventilation.

Final Word

As you can see, dyeing concrete is straightforward but taxing.
You don’t need any specific skills.
You need to be patient, to allow every coat to dry before you can move on to the next step.
Work can also be disruptive to your daily routine.
Therefore, plan the work accordingly.
The results were gratifying.

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